We were introduced by a mutual friend; it was an instant click, and the rest is history.

The minute Emma Ratliff, the founder of Craftwherk Productions, whom you may also know as the producer of the wildly popular HGTV's House Hunters International, began to talk about her latest documentary in the works, "Fern Mallis: The Godmother of American Fashion,” and the Boston event to support it, we immediately felt that being the godparents of such a special moment and milestone was simply meant to be.

A few days later, we were flying to Boston to meet Emma, her team, and the award-winning creator of New York Fashion Week as we know it today, Fern Mallis herself.

The evening was nothing short of magical.

From the venue filled with the loving energy of a wonderful group of fashion enthusiasts to the golden hour sunbeams illuminating the stage during the "In Conversation with Fashion Legend Fern Mallis,” moderated by Harvard’s Jill Radsken (they both were literally glowing), to the exclusive clip from the “Fern Mallis: Godmother of American Fashion” documentary film… it was perfection.

It’s not every day you get to meet a fashion legend, and if it were up to us, we would still be at the Roslindale Substation in Boston, listening to Fern's captivating storytelling…

She left us in awe, made us reflect, smile, laugh, and also cry while sharing her personal stories. You looked around and all you could see were the happy and radiant faces of the attendees enjoying every word and the moment itself, which felt both extraordinary and surreal in the most emotional and deeply touching sense of the word. Pure fashion magic.

We can't wait to watch the film (and we’re sure you’ll want to as well; we’ll keep you posted), and to see all of Fern’s upcoming projects come to life. Meanwhile, we can all keep following her 92nd Street Y Fashion Icons conversation series and read her latest book (for those who haven’t yet).

If you have the “Fashion Icons 2: Fashion Lives with Fern Mallis” in your book collection, you know what we mean by a fascinating read about the human beings behind some of the most legendary designer names, their struggles, global success, and the power (and art) of transformation, redefinition, and reinvention.

If not, you know we don’t use the “must-have” prescription very often, but this is one of those once-in-a-blue-moon moments. It’s a true source of inspiration, motivation, and empowerment we will cherish forever.

Here we are (there are many more fashion enthusiasts in the Lozuri “we”; we were just the blessed trio destined to be there)…

Like three happy kids with their surprise present. By, from, and signed by the godmother of American fashion herself—one book, a trio of teammates, and three different kinds of happiness. Thank you so much, mil gracias, Fern!

Once-in-a-lifetime moments captured by Chiun-Kai Shih.

More pictures on our Instagram. All by Katelynn Stalaboin.

We want to thank Fern again for all the inspiration and magic, Emma for making it happen, and every single person in that stunningly loving group we shared the evening with.

We hope to meet you again very soon!