Picture yourself contemplating your bag collection.

Take a look at it without counting how many or how much. Focus solely and exclusively on emotions—the sentimental value of the stories behind each of your companions.

What do you see?

Put a finger down for every time we get it right:

One, the loves on the first sight. You saw them, instantly fell head over heels for them, and refused to imagine your life without them.

Two, the prescribed must-haves. Read about them, heard someone talking about them, and later on maybe spotted them on the street (and may even have stopped someone for a brief bag interview).

Three, the crazy viral ones. Everywhere you looked, there they were, and you simply couldn’t resist. Or that, or you had them first, then they went viral and now you can’t picture yourself carrying them on the street.

Four, the pre-loved treasures you’ve discovered. In your favorite second-hand shop or market, or during some of your travels abroad.

Five, the gifted ones—you may like, love, adore, or quite the opposite (and you have your reasons, but kind of must keep them, and have your reasons for that too).

Six, the inherited precious ones. These are a whole different kind of special, with an unmatched charge and vibe.

Seven, the love-it-want-to-keep-it-don’t-ever-wear-it-can’t-find-anything-to-wear-them-with ones. They are there, but you don’t want to donate or sell them just yet (even after all those years in some cases) because “and what if?”.

Eight, the what-was-I-thinking-about ones. We all have at least one of those. And we know we won’t ever wear it yet… there it is.

Nine, the all-time go-to favorites. Like great friends, you just can’t get enough of them.

Ten, the bargains you’re proud you found. The it-was-meant-to-be ones.

And we could go on… the rare, the hard to find, the one of a kind, the custom made... and smile, and laugh, and get emotional… and then smile again...

Now... How do you envision the next star in your bag collection?

Whether you're still on the lookout, or always on the quest for new candidates, let us provide you with a list of creations to consider.

We all agree that while many of the bags from our personal collections would be on the shortlist or clearly win the award in the Serious Wow Factor category, not all of them would be nominated when it comes to function and practicality.

The ones we’re about to have a closer look at are scoring high on both charts: the outer beauty, and how much they elevate your look of the day (or how well they play the leading role in an outfit you created around them), as well as the inner "beauty", because at the end of the day, your purse is your companion you trust with your most precious personal belongings.

That, and extra points for craftsmanship, versatility, and timeless appeal.

Our selections are always conceptual, and if you read us frequently, at this point, you're expecting us to introduce you to the common denominator behind the chosen ones, so here it goes: their stunningly elongated silhouette—spacious enough to safely store all your essentials, with easy access; you don’t have to dive deep to find what you need.

Without further ado, here are today’s nominees (in random order). Most of them available in several colors.

LOEWE: Paseo or Puzzle Fold Bag?

While Loewe Paseo Bag (walk in Spanish) is feather-light and supple, gently pleated with the handles passed through the bag's body, ...

... the Puzzle Fold is an ode to geometry and architecture and, as its name suggests, can be folded flat.

Both have a zip fastening, both offer hand and shoulder-carry options, plus Paseo's detachable shoulder strap is also adjustable for the ones loving to count with the crossbody option.

MAISON MARGIELA: Pillow Glam Slam Bag

A quilted design mimicking matelassé quilts crafted in Marseilles, so you kind of don’t want to carry but rather hug it all the time.

This comfort-evoking creation comes with zip closure and an adjustable buckle strap for shoulder to crossbody styling.

ALAÏA: Le Teckel or Tube Shoulder Bag?

Both can be hand and shoulder-carry, both with zip closure to secure your belongings.

Le Teckel Bag (Dachshund in French), as its name suggests, is long and short, with tubular handles that, same as the branded tag, are inspired by travel bags.

Alaïa Tube Shoulder Bag has a tubular body with the maison’s signature Vienne cutout pattern, inspired by Moucharabieh architectural openwork and precious laces.

The hook on the shoulder strap can be used to attach another bag, coin purse, or other small bag accessories.

JIL SANDER: Goji Bamboo or Cannolo?

Here we didn’t want to pick just one either, as both boast the horizontal, elongated silhouette yet are very different from each other.

Goji Bamboo Small is rendered in smooth leather on a metal frame, and comes with a bamboo top handle and kiss-lock closure.

Unlike the rest of the candidates above, it’s designed for hand-carry styling exclusively.

Jil Sander Cannolo (and Padded Cannolo) Bag is as tempting as the Sicilian tube-shaped pastry its name and shape were inspired by.

This sophisticated nominee has flap closure with a magnetic button for easy access, and adjustable leather strap to fit your style, mood or routine.

SEE BY CHLOÉ: Joan Double Handle Bag

A new addition to the ever-evolving Joan Bag Line, this stunner has two handles, zip fastening, and the instantly recognizable braided ring accent with the brand’s signature key and medal pendants.

Styling: Hand and shoulder.

Of course, this write-up would not be complete without Valentino Rockstud East-West, we were talking about a while ago.

If you make it until here, the question is: did you find the one you feel like welcoming to your bag collection?

Maybe next time you contemplate the stories behind your bags, the one that answers the question above will be there, and its story will include this moment we have just spent together, and we want to thank you for.

Love, Lozuri