We’ve been talking about the Valentine’s Day in the office the other day…

More than in a what-to-gift way, it was one of our typical conversations transcending the invisible but kind of assumed (or established if you prefer) barrier of the purely professional, and all of us got quite emotional while sharing our very personal stories.

A work meeting turned unexpected team building moment. And the impromptu, unplanned, unpremeditated, natural nature of our get together was what we all loved about it the most.

We all agree that a gift is an expression of love (one of the many), but where is the spontaneity factor if a rule “Feb, 14 is the day everyone celebrates love” come to play?

What if you don’t feel like gift giving when you wake up on Feb, 14 but felt like it and made it spontaneously happen the day before or the weekend before, and the one before that? Shouldn’t the “this is the moment, tonight is the night”, and the feeling that comes from within and leads you to seeing their eyes after receiving a surprise, count endlessly much more than complying with the established and expected?

So here’s what we have decided (and you are free to join us): Valentine’s Day Perpetually.

In numerology, this year is the universal year eight, symbolizing abundance and infinity, so let's turn it into a perpetual celebration of love: Valentine’s all year long! Any day. Every day. No established date, just infinite spontaneity.

If you love the idea as much as we do, and have just decided to join us, you may want to know that from now on, you’ll always find a LOVE HITS inspiration or gift guide of sorts, we will be constantly updating with new popular icon or emerging star candidates worth reflecting on whenever you feel like it.

If the moment is today, besides the always popular reds (when in doubt, choose cherry, as delicious as their lips), we would consider:

  • Browns: Chocolate, coffee or toffee. Pick the one that makes their heart race.
  • Pastels: Muted yet speaking volumes.
  • Greens: From the subtlest mints to regal emeralds.
  • Grays: Any of the fifty shades.
  • Whites: Like a canvas ready to become a masterpiece.

Looking to narrow down the options further?

Go blue. In particular pastel blue…

*Bags: LOVE HITS gift guide, shoes: Jimmy Choo (candy & biscuit)

Azure for Valentino lovers, Cerulean in the Valextra universe, Light Blue if you prefer Etro, Pale Blue for the ones who wear Prada, Pale Sky in the Marni vocabulary, Poplin Blue in the world of Mulberry, Blue Iceberg for the ones who speak Loewe... and we could go on.

Why this shade of blue (besides the obvious of being one of the hues dominating 2024) you ask?

ONE, it’s extremely inclusive, universally suiting everyone irrespective of their complexion or hair color.

Inclusive also in terms of seasons (Summertime to Ice Ice Baby seasonless), and suitability for the full array of the day to night occasions.

*Bags: LOVE HITS gift guide, shoes: Lanvin (silver & dark beige)

TWO, the pastel blue has an off-the-charts versatility level: It’s a perfect mix of nostalgia and familiarity, with exploration, transformation and creative potential, easy to style and experiment with.

Your loved one can wear it with other blues, pinks, grays and greens, browns and earthy hues… but maybe they will add some reds into the mix… or prefer to pair it with blacks or whites, or metallics… or play with zesty yellows and oranges…

The versatility of the trending soft blue is endless - whatever brings joy to their personal expression via their fashion picks reflecting their mood du jour, or their overall style.

*Bags: LOVE HITS gift guide, shoes: Tod's (yellow & powder)

THREE, it’s a head-turning hue with a well-deserved wow factor, consisting of chic, classy and sophisticated on one hand, and it’s association with tranquility, calmness, clarity, peace, and serenity on the other.

We wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day. Today, and any day.

Love, Lozuri