This is a thank you note and a love letter to our clients, and to our client service team.

For us, each order has a story behind it. A story about an object of desire finally found, about a fear of trying an emerging luxury marketplace, about a price impossible to resist, about a seemingly mission impossible caused by a sold-out nightmare turned happy-ending, about a birthday surprise in works… So every review we receive, we perceive as a reflection of that particular story, a story of real people with a real connection, a story that goes beyond wishes, expectations, fabrics and stitches, a story we somehow participated in, and we are most grateful for.

Below, a trio of the latest stories (the titles are our making, all the rest is our clients', word by word).

Loewe Love Affair

"I had my eyes on the FW23 collection but couldn't talk myself into getting the bag until I came up empty-handed in a recent trip to Spain.

Lozuri had ONE left in inventory.

Shipped as promised, it arrived in a Loewe dust bag, with the care book and paper certification. I've been slinging this bag with all my work and everyday items around ever since.”

*sold out 

From Doubt to Delight

"I was incredibly skeptical placing my order, but after a very detailed authentication process, I am excited to have a Chloe Woody from Lozuri.

I appreciated the constant communication regarding updates, which for me is the driving force of repeat clientele.

Shipping was beyond timely as I got my order 3 days before it was set to arrive- with signature confirmation for added security. I will be purchasing from Lozuri again AND telling all my friends.”

*Chloé Woody Medium

Temptation Impossible 

"Overall, great experience! I found a bag I had been eyeing all season on Lozuri for $1000 less than retail.

I forgot to use a first time use code, submitted a case, and my discount was refunded to me no questions asked! 

Great service! Be patient as my order did take the full 5 days until I got my tracking number, and I received my bag a little over the 10 day estimate. However, the bag is perfect! Would definitely recommend this site! “

*sold out

You can find them all (and more), on, seamlessly integrated with our platform, so only our clients can share their Lozuri experience; signed, monogrammed, or in an anonymous mode.

If this is the first time you visit us, we are a luxury fashion designer marketplace, catering to our clientele in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zeland, Japan, South Korea and UK, with a commitment that goes beyond the seams, it’s a dedication to curate an unparalleled edit, created on four consciously forethought pillars.


Our selection is meticulously hand-picked by Europe’s fashion buyer elite, a team of experts that wants you to have the access to the hottest and greatest every season has to offer: the legends, the rising icons, the much anticipated releases, the foreseen new most popular, the hard-to-find items… with new arrivals every week.

All items you find on Lozuri come with their respective tags, in original packaging, with authenticity guaranteed. Each and every one of them undergoes a thorough quality control process in one of our white-glove centers, and is packed with love before being DHL shipped to your door.


Our main objective is your happiness, and being labeled by our clients as “authentic deals”, “best prices” and similar (all happy feedback-inspired), has been one of our primary focuses (we plan to keep).

We even went a step further and created a Price Match & Beat Policy you can use if you ever find an item with lower non-discounted price tag.


The stock behind every piece is intentionally limited. It can be as limited as one (and only).

The intention behind our deliberately low stock is to make our edit as rich and exciting, but also as dynamic as possible. The purpose behind us intentionally sharing this with you, is not to make you take impulsive decisions but mere transparency.

We know how the “sold out” status on a page you found or bookmarked only yesterday can feel, so it’s only fair that you are aware of it during your decision process.


It may sound as a cliché but we truly love what we do because we do what we're deeply in love with.

You can reach to us anytime: during your browsing or selection process, before or after you placed your order, during its shipment and delivery, and beyond - via email, chat, phone or text: Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm EST.

Our client services team's dedication is unmatched, so we are tremendously proud of their well-deserved nearly five star rating, they share with the rest of the “behind the scenes” teams, while creating real connexions with a one-of-a-kind story behind each of them.

Real connections, real stories, we can’t thank enough for.

Love, Lozuri